Property management for foreign owners


Job task of Property Management (PM)

Property Managment (PM) is very important part to hold property for Investment and Own-use as well. If you are living in overseas (not near the property), need to appoint proper person to manage your property. Property agent can provide such PM job to you.

Unit is Vacant

・To inspect unit every month
*for cheking any problem happened or not 

・To do Air ventilation
*need to replace air inside of unit

・To pay Management fee, Sinking fund, Fire insurance to management office
*must have local bank account for those payment

・To pay Assessment fee & Quit rent for Government
*online banking of local bank or visit post office to pay

・To pay utility bill (electricity fee, water fee, gas fee etc)


Unit is Tenanted

・To find Trnant to rent a unit
*usually appoint agent (negotiator) is the best way

・To prepare Tenancy Agreement 
*agent can prepare TA and assist between you and tenant to transfer deposit and rental

・To do joint inspection to handover keys
*owner or property manager need to do cleaning before tenant move in
and check inventory

・To check monthly rental
*owner or property manager need to check rental into account before due date or not. if delay payment, need to follow up with tenant 

・To handle complaint from tenant
*owner or property manager need to maintain unit, they need to fix damage or problem if happened in a unit

・To do renewal TA
*negotiate with tenant about extension and rental amount

・To do joint inspection when tenant move out unit
*after tenant move out, onwer or property mangaer need to recover unit and do cleaning.

・To pay income tax 
*rental income is taxable (30% if not local residence)