Worry about your house for Renovation ?  need any repair work for your house ?

You can look for us, we can provide service for renovation and repair work.
We help to introduce trusted and professional contractors and designers for your dream home.

What we can do ?

Fully renovation for your own house 

To furnish your house for investment to rent out

Repair work for water leakage, air-con trouble, electical problem and whatever problem

Renovation for restaurant and office etcOur Record
Renovation for own house (Vipod Suite)

○ Tropicana Gardens 

○ The Sentral Residence

○ The Skin Topic


○ Sean Residence

○ Redboot @ UOA

 Pips @ Jaya One


 Challis Sunway


○ Rimbayu

○ Eco Santuari

○ Ara Hill

○ Dolomite Templer

○ The Annex

○ X2 Residency

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