Tropicana/ Kota Damansara

Tropicana is one of the high-class location in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. The area is surrounding with a lot of high-end residential. There are also a lot of golf places provide for golf lover, such as Tropicana Golf & Country Resort.  

Kota Damansara is neighboring with Tropicana. There is famous food offerings at Sunway Giza Mall. It is very crowds at night as well, you can find a lot of café, bars and restaurants. The nearest supermarket including Giant Supermaket and NSK.

・Tropicana Golf and Country Resort


Shopping Malls




・Sunway Giza Mall



・Tropicana Gardens

The Tropicana Gardens is just right in front of the MRT - Surian Station. The development is designed as a vibrant urban hub, it also offers high-rise and luxury living.

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・MRT - Surian