PJ Sentral

PJ Sentral is a project developed to regeneration Petaling Jaya. The development aimed to improve the condition of Petaling Jaya.

Therefore, the proposed of development will adopt the Green Building Index (GBI) Gold for the individual building and US Leadership in Environmental & Energy Design (LEED) Neighborhood and Township Development Gold rating for the overall development.

There will have a project by MRCB called PJ Sentral Garden City. It comes with 40-acre mixed development in the middle of a bustling Petaling Jaya. The project with 60-storey office towers will be put up and will be complemented by a retail mall, serviced residences and hotels.

Therefore, the project will improve the economic stability, social sustainability and geographical infrastructure to function as a stimulus for increased property value, strengthened downtown economies and the creation of jobs mainly for the benefits of its local community. These is the reasons PJ Sentral will be worthy to be invest.

The shopping mall, Amcorp Mall is just few minutes driving from PJ Sentral. There is also LRT station nearby, it is at station Taman Jaya and Asia Jaya.

・PJ Sentral



・Sheraton Hotel Petaling Jaya

・Hilton Petaling Jaya



Shopping Mall

・ Amcorp Mall



・Pinnacle Petaling Jaya

Pinnacle is directly beside of the entrance to Federal Highway and it is highest tower in PJ Sentral. Besides that, Pinnacle is prefect place that provide convenience at doorstep which including retail mall, hypermarket, F&B and more. 

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・LRT - Taman Jaya

・LRT - Asia Jaya