MCO 2.0 in Malaysia

MCO 2.0 in Malaysia

An announcement from government on 11 January 2021, it will be Movement Control Order 2.0 (PKP) start on 13 January 2021. The lastest news annouced by Defence Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, all states will be extended MCO 2.0 until 18 Feb in Malaysia except of Sarawak.

The following rules that listed by government for all Malaysian to follow:
1) States that under MCO will allow travelling for essential worker and not more than 10km radius. 

2) For businesses that allowed to operate during the MCO period may be obtained on the Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI). Meanwhile for businesses in the non-essential services, work-from-home arrangements are mandatory. 

3) There are 5 sector categorized as Essential Economic Sectors will be allowed to operate during this period:
a) Manufacturing and production
b) Construction
c) Essential service
d) Trade and distribution 
e) Agriculture and commodities

4) For individuals for their homes groceries and necessities will only allow with a maximum of 2 passengers for only 1 car from the same family and also location within a 10km radius.

5) Social activities such as festival celebrations, seminars, and group sports are not allowed.

6) For education sector, online learning for all primary school and secondary school students. Besides that, for students due to sit for examinations such as SPM, SVM, SKM, STPM, STAM and DVM (2020 & 2021) will be given the exception to attend school for face-to face classes.

7) Private kindergartens, childcare centres, day care centres are allowed to operate with approval.

8) Restaurants and F&B outlets can only provide takeaway and food delivery services, and the operate time are allowed from 6am - 10pm. 

9) Hospital, clinics and medical laboratories may operate on a 24-hour basis on in accordance with their licence to operate. 

10) Individuals caught violating the SOP rulings can be fined a maximum of RM1,000 under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988.

For more information, please visit at Majlis Keselamatan Malaysia.